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How Construction Companies Can Overcome Their Hiring Problem

It is a common theme that we are hearing from construction companies around the United States. Whether it is a major company that is building airports in big cities or an asphalt paving contractor in Palm Coast, the message is similar. “We are having trouble hiring.” It is the statement that you hear all too often in the industry. The issue is that most people hear about this issue and assume it is because not enough workers are willing to work in the construction industry. But the issue is a little bit more complicated.

Issues with Compensation

Many experts who have written about this issue state that construction companies only have themselves to blame for the issue. If you are running a driveway pavement contractor in Palm Coast and you are barely paying your workers above minimum wage, why would you expect them to stick around? There are far easier jobs that you can find for minimum wage, as compared to working at a construction site all day. If companies want more people to be interested in this industry, they need to make it financially feasible for those workers to take the job.

Lack of Training

Another issue that many people ignore is the lack of training that employees are getting. Many construction companies want to hire workers who have all the relevant skills, but they are unwilling to train them further. It is a huge mistake. Not only does it mean that standards slip, but it also means that workers may not feel they are getting enough of an education from a starting job in the construction industry. They will start an at asphalt paving company in Palm Coast and assume that within a year, they will get a good amount of training. But that training never happens.

Poor Benefit and Compensation Structures

Besides the basic wage that is offered to people in this industry, the lack of benefits are a serious issue too. Many construction companies will do anything to avoid paying workers the necessary health insurance. It is a huge mistake, because it means that a worker would rather continue working part time at different service jobs, rather than working full time in construction. Those jobs are easier. And since the lack of benefits are the same, it makes sense that more people will take the easier job.

Treat Employees Well

It is incredible how much of a difference it can make when employees are treated in the right way. Our company had this idea that we would begin to raise the wages for our employees and offer better benefits. The results were staggering. Not only did we have an easier time holding onto employees, but we also found that more people were working at their 100 percent capacity. Our employees were always on their game, doing an even better job than they did before.

The truth is that when people feel valued, they are surely going to put in a much better effort at their job. It may not even be on purpose. They may be doing it subconsciously. But when you feel valued and properly compensated for your work, you are far more likely to put in that extra effort to ensure that you are representing your employers in the best way possible.