About Us

Offering a great service at an affordable price is our company motto. We are proud to serve theĀ Palm Coast area as one of the asphalt paving companies that residential and commercial customers can count on. When you have an issue with your driveway, or you need a new one, we are the company to contact.

When we first opened our business, it was a small operation with less than 10 employees. We were working on as many projects as we could manage, but we rarely had more than one client at a time. It was a hard beginning, but we stuck to our principles. Instead of rushing through each project, we ensured that every customer was delighted with our work.

It is this dedication to quality and excellence that allowed our company to flourish in the coming years. We are now a huge operation, which services the entireĀ Palm Coast area. We are the number one asphalt paving contractor for a reason. Every customer knows they are getting a great deal with us. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the area, but we never skimp on quality of materials or workmanship.

All our employees are highly trained, because we never want a customer to have a bad experience with our crew. They are taught the right work ethic, paving strategies and communication skills. And if we do get a complaint from a customer, we ensure the matter is handled immediately. We do not tolerate indiscipline from any of our employees, which is why we have such high customer service ratings online!

If you are hoping to get your driveway renovated or constructed, give us a call. We offer asphalt paving driveway and walkway construction and repair services. We chose asphalt because we believe it is the best material for residential and commercial driveways. It offers the durability and aesthetic, while maintaining affordability for the average person.